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Passionate About Inspiring Others

Missy is the founder and owner of Greater Within. She believes the spirit inside us is greater than our fears.  Through her experiences & certifications as a Master Life & Master Mindset Coach, she has the tools to help inspire and motivate others to turn negativity into positive energy.

Missy is a passionate life coach that believes her spiritual calling is to help people live their best life. She is no stranger to difficult times and has learned how to transform those experiences as positive learnings within her own life story.


  • Master Life Coach

    • Professional Life Coach​

    • Life Purpose Life Coach

    • Happiness Life Coach

    • Goal Success Life Coach

  • Master Mindset Life Coach

    • Confidence Life Coach​

    • Emotional Intelligence Life Coach

    • Cognitive Behavioral (CBT) Life Coach

    • REBT (Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy) Mindset Life Coach

  • Spiritual Coach

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